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16 June 2016 – Twinkle exoplanet mission completes design milestone

Twinkle, an independent mission to unravel the story of planets in our galaxy, has completed a key preliminary design milestone.  The results of the payload study demonstrate that Twinkle’s instruments will be able to achieve the mission’s science objectives.  Twinkle’s two spectrometers will analyse light transmitted through, and emitted or reflected by, the atmospheres of exoplanets in order to give radical insights into worlds orbiting distant stars. Read more…

6 February 2015 – Twinkle on fast-track mission to unveil exoplanet atmospheres

A team of UK scientists and engineers have announced plans for a small satellite, named ‘Twinkle’, that will give radical new insights
into the chemistry, formation and evolution of planets orbiting other stars. The mission, which is being led by University College
London (UCL) and Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL), will be launched within four years. An overview of the science case and
instrument design will be presented today at an open meeting at the Royal Astronomical Society. Read more…