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Joining the Twinkle community begins with contacting our dedicated team, who will guide you through the ways you can access the survey through either a membership or dedicated time.


Twinkles Survey programme offers membership to a global collaboration of scientists working on independent exoplanet & solar system surveys. Allowing observers to set science goals and observing strategies on a programme that has several membership options to suit different group sizes with membership durations that range from one year to multiple years.


Twinkles dedicated telescope time offers research groups access to targets of interest in a matter of days via a fast and simple process.  There is no complex proposal required and time can be acquired in a similar way to ground telescopes, through the purchase of hours.  


Our global community of Founding Members are working collaboratively to shape the observational goals and science agenda for the Twinkle survey programme. Founding Member are working across a broad range of Working Groups to create preparatory publications with the Twinkle science team.

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