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The Twinkle Space Mission is Blue Skies Space Ltd.’s flagship mission.

Blue Skies Space Ltd. (BSSL), was set up in 2014 with the aim of providing cost-effective, rapidly-delivered space facilities for users worldwide through a service-based model. BSSL aims to break the publicly-funded model for astronomy and astrophysics missions and employ a commercial approach to create new opportunities for cutting-edge science. BSSL will demonstrate a new model for how world-class astronomy can be delivered at a relatively low cost and on a rapid timescale.

Team Members

Professor Jonathan Tennyson
Chairman and Co-Founder

Jonathan is a UCL Massey Professor of Physics and former Head of Department. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society, Chief Scientist and founder of Quantemol Ltd and Scientitic Advisor to Rahko Ltd, and founder of the ERC-funded ExoMol project. As Chair of Blue Skies Space, he oversees the long-term strategy of the company.

Dr. Marcell Tessenyi
CEO and Co-Founder

Marcell has overall responsibility for the formulation and execution of the Blue Skies Space business plan.He holds a PhD in Astrophysics from UCL and has gained his scientific, engineering and management experience through his involvement in ESA space missions. He has worked at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and at the Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris.

Professor Giovanna Tinetti
Chief Scientist and Co-Founder

Giovanna is a Professor of Exoplanet research and has pioneered the use of spectroscopy to analyse exoplanet atmospheres. She leads ESA’s next flagship Exoplanet mission ARIEL, and led an ERC-funded project (ExoLights). She is responsible for the scientific strategy of Blue Skies Space and is the main interface to the global scientific community.

Dr. Martin Faulkes
Non-Executive Director

Dill joined Blue Skies Space to help the company address the large fundraising requirements for the construction phase. He has established and grown numerous IT companies including Logica’s subsidiary in New York. He is currently Chairman of VolitionRx Limited.

Richard Archer
Head of Strategic Partnerships

Richard joined Blue Skies Space to grow the company’s customer base and brings a wealth of commercial experience from sales leadership roles in the telecoms and data sectors.

Max Joshua
Senior Development Manager

As part of the Development Team at Blue Skies Space, Max works to design and implement our sustainable model for cost-effective commercial astronomy missions. He is focused on building Twinkle’s global user community by engaging with scientists, research institutes and funding bodies worldwide. He is currently based in Los Angeles as the primary representative of Blue Skies Space in North America.

Benjamin John Wilcock
Development Manager

Benjamin works on our development team and works with all European users to help them access Twinkle. Originally coming from a scientific background in astrobiology he brings his experience of working at NASA Ames and in academic institutions to Blue Skies Space.

Ian Stotesbury
Lead Systems Engineer

Ian leads the technical development of the Twinkle mission working on spacecraft and ground systems. As system engineer Ian works closely with the industrial partners in developing the design. Ian previously worked for Surrey Satellites as a lead systems engineer across multiple LEO missions and constellations and also as business line engineer in Telecoms developing SSTL’s small GEO offering.

Dr Billy Edwards

Science Advisor

Professor Giorgio Savini
Adviser, Science and Instrumentation

Giorgio is responsible for the technical performance of scientific instruments commissioned by the company.

Dr. Dan Brown

Dan is the entrepreneur in residence at UCL and is advising the company on business development, fundraisingand the long-term strategy.


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