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Scientists worldwide can access Twinkle through a simple, streamlined process. We have removed the need for lengthy proposals and guaranteed access can be secured within a matter of hours. With Twinkle’s flexible scheduling service, users decide freely how to allocate their observing time. No prior observational expertise is required and data is transferred securely to users in raw and reduced format.

Data Ownership

Twinkle data is stored on an encrypted server. The data is securely delivered to users and can be received in raw or reduced format, as per the user’s preference. Twinkle users then exclusively own their data for the proprietary period they have signed up to.


Access to Twinkle is priced per hour of usable science time on the telescope. Once purchased, time is guaranteed, meaning that users will never lose time they have paid for. Users who join the programme before December 2019 will receive additional benefits, including scheduling priority.


Telescope time on Twinkle is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Twinkle users will have access to our scheduling system, wherein observation time slots can be booked in advance. Users who join the programme before December 2019 will receive priority hours. These hours can be used to reserve time slots on Twinkle before the general scheduling begins.

Become a User

Becoming a Twinkle user is simple. There are currently four key steps in order to secure your telescope time on Twinkle and schedule your observations. After this, all that’s left to do is analyse your data!

Access Twinkle

Get in touch to arrange access to Twinkle telescope time.