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Blue Skies Space

The Twinkle Space Mission is Blue Skies Space Ltd.’s flagship mission.

Blue Skies Space Ltd. (BSSL), was set up in 2014 with the aim of providing cost-effective, rapidly-delivered space facilities for users worldwide through a service-based model. BSSL aims to break the publicly-funded model for astronomy and astrophysics missions and employ a commercial approach to create new opportunities for cutting-edge science. BSSL will demonstrate a new model for how world-class astronomy can be delivered at a relatively low cost and on a rapid timescale.

Team Members

Giovanna Tinetti

Chief Scientist and Co-Founder

Jonathan Tennyson

Chairman and Co-Founder

Marcell Tessenyi

CEO and Co-Founder

Phillip Windred

Chief Operational Officer

Giorgio Savini

Chief Technical Officer

Ian Stotesbury

Lead Systems Engineer

Martin Faulkes

Non-Executive Director

Dan Brown


Richard Archer

Head of Strategic Partnerships

Max Joshua

Development Manager

Mekhi Dhesi

Development Manager


Blue Skies Space is recruiting a Business Development Manager to start in September 2019 or sooner.
The job description is available here.

For any queries about the role, please email info@blueskiesspace.co.uk.